Strategy Digest Vol. 3 (Oct)

Indian Hotels Company does a Tata Motors

The Indian Hotels Company recently announced the launch of Vivanta by Taj, hotels in the upper upscale segment.

Taj has thus positioned itself in the hospitality space similar to what Tata Motors has done in the automotive space. Taj is positioned in the luxury space, Vivanta by Taj in the upper upscale segment, Gateway in upscale and Ginger in the economy segment. Tata Motors, on the other hand, has positioned The Nano at the entry level, Indigo at the upscale segment, Safari and Jaguar or Land Rover at the upper upscale and luxury segments.

The reason for this segmentation is not to dilute the Taj brand by operating every kind of hotel under the same brand. Also, it is an effort towards retaining their market share in the face of many new hotel brands entering India.

Homegrown mobile phone companies sign big stars

While we may not realize, homegrown mobile phone companies have captured more than 20 percent of the market share. And they are definitely hungry for more!

Companies like Zen, Micromax, Spice etc. are displaying their ambitions by signing big stars to promote their products, especially in the tier-II and tier-III towns of India. Micromax has Akshay Kumar as its brand ambassador while Spice Mobile has signed on Sonam Kapoor.

The latest to join the bandwagon is Zen Mobile which has signed on the biggest superstar Amitabh Bacchan as its brand ambassador. It is to be seen whether these companies will be successful in penetrating the urban markets as well.

Fortis to buy key subsidiaries of Quality Healthcare Asia

Fortis Healthcare will buy key subsidiaries of quality Healthcare Asia (QHA) for about Rs. 882 crore. The firms to be acquired by Fortis Healthcare include Quality Healthcare Medical Services, Quality Healthcare Services, Quality HealthCare, Quality HealthCare Medical Holdings, and Portex.

QHA is the largest private healthcare provider in Hong Kong and this acquisition would provide Fortis with a footprint in Hong Kong.

Fortis has been keen to have a presence in South-East Asia for some time now as was evident when it tried to acquire the Singapore-based hospital chain Parkway Holdings.

Microsoft launches smartphones

Smartphones are touted to be the next big thing in tomorrow’s world. Microsoft clearly does not want to let go of this opportunity considering there are firms which have already this market.

The smartphone by Microsoft is supposed to look like the iPhone but with a more interactive interface and superior functionalities. It’s also got the Xbox which should appeal to the younger generation.

This is probably Microsoft’s last and only attempt at gaining a hold in the smartphone industry since many players have launched their smartphones before Microsoft did.


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